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Hello everyone! Here are all of my delicious recipes collected together in one page. Here you can filter by cooking time, calories, cuisines, ingredients, diet type and meal type to find your perfect recipe. Have fun cooking!


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Calories Per Serving
Total Time (Mins)
Bitter Gourd & Chicken Curry
85 mins
462 kcal
Cod Fish Curry
40 mins
231 kcal
Chocolate Chip Cookies
30 mins
413 kcal
Karela Gosht
70 mins
357 kcal
Victoria Sponge Cake
60 mins
505 kcal
Okra & Chicken Curry
75 mins
565 kcal
Tuna Melt
15 mins
560 kcal
Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake
405 mins
764 kcal
Chicken Karahi
75 mins
537 kcal
Red Velvet Cookies
55 mins
342 kcal
Masala Fries
Palak Gosht
100 mins
496 kcal
Gajar Ka Halwa
45 mins
339 kcal
Aloo Tikki
65 mins
99 kcal
Lamb Kidney Curry
75 mins
283 kcal