اَعُوْذُ بِاللهِ مِنَ الشَّيْطَانِ الرَّجِيْمِ
بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمن الرَّحِيْمِ

Chicken Do Pyaza

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Chicken dopiaza originates from South East Asia and is a popular takeaway favourite. This is a simple chicken curry recipe that you can easily make at home without having to spend so much money and without all the calories. This homecooked version is amazingly spiced with flavourful chicken.
Chicken Do Pyaza

Dear ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to chicken do pyaza, an exquisite culinary masterpiece hailing from the vibrant and spice-infused Indian subcontinent. The term ‘do pyaza’ translates to ‘double onions,’ encapsulating the essence of this dish.

One remarkable characteristic of this recipe is its use of onions, not just once but twice during the cooking process. Its hearty, profound, and spiced flavours have earned it a permanent place in countless Indian households and around the world.

Looking back at its origins, chicken dopiaza carries with it a storied culinary heritage. Legend has it that the recipe was accidentally concocted by a courtier in the court of Mughal emperor Akbar, who liberally incorporated onions into a dish. The outcome was so delightfully pleasing that it became a regular feature in royal banquets and eventually spread to various corners of the empire.

At first glance, chicken dopiaza may appear daunting due to its Mughal royal lineage. However, I can assure you that it’s more straightforward than you might imagine. The primary challenge lies in achieving the perfect balance of spices, a skill that can be honed with practice.

As I walk you through the process, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how straightforward steps can result in such a profound depth of flavour.

Ultimately, what renders chicken dopiaza so exceptional is its embodiment of the rich cultural tapestry of Indian cuisine. With every bite, you not only savour the fusion of spices and ingredients but also centuries of culinary tradition.

As we embark on this thrilling culinary journey, you’ll discover that cooking chicken dopiaza is as much about the process as it is about the end result. It’s about relishing the blend of flavors, the synergy of ingredients, and the pure delight of crafting a delectable meal from scratch.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and immerse ourselves in the enchanting realm of Indian cuisine, commencing with my delightful chicken do pyaza!

Exploring the Meaning of “Do Pyaza” in Chicken Do Pyaza

When I embark on the culinary adventure of crafting a dish, understanding the origin of a recipe’s name often reveals essential aspects of its culinary secrets. A notable dish in my repertoire is chicken do pyaza, and if you’ve ever pondered the meaning of ‘do pyaza,’ allow me to shed some light on it.

The term ‘do pyaza’ is rooted in two Persian words: ‘do,’ signifying ‘two’ or ‘double,’ and ‘pyaz,’ which translates to ‘onions.’ In essence, ‘do pyaza’ signifies ‘double onions,’ a nod to the starring ingredient of this dish – the abundant and dual utilisation of onions.

When I prepare chicken dopiaza, onions play a dual role in the cooking process. Initially, I sauté finely chopped onions until they achieve a golden caramelisation.

This step establishes the foundation of the curry, characterised by its richness, sweetness, and mild spiciness. Later in the cooking journey, onion chunks join the pot, introducing a delightful textural contrast and an additional layer of flavour.

This is what imparts chicken dopiaza its distinctive character – the intense sweetness and subtle pungency of caramelized onions marrying the crunch and vitality of sautéed onion chunks.

I appreciate this dual function of onions because it not only transforms the dish’s texture but also enhances the flavor by contributing a deep, savoury undertone. This allows other ingredients to harmonize without overpowering them.

Ultimately, it’s vital to grasp that dopiaza is not merely about doubling the quantity of onions; it’s about harnessing onions’ multifaceted attributes twice over to elevate a dish.

The next time you savour chicken dopiaza, remember that you’re indulging in an artful interplay of onions, orchestrated not only to delight your palate but also to honour a time-honoured culinary tradition.

The Intriguing Origins and Historical Roots of Chicken Do Pyaza

Whenever I prepare a dish as intricate and flavourful as chicken do pyaza, I am reminded of the rich history it carries, as opulent as its taste. The history of chicken dopiaza begins with its name. ‘Dopiaza,’ as previously mentioned, means ‘double onions,’ paying homage to the dual role of onions in the preparation.

The origins of this unique recipe can be traced back to the court of the Mughal emperor Akbar during the 16th century. Legend has it that a courtier of Akbar named Mullah Do Piaza inadvertently added a substantial quantity of onions to a dish.

However, this culinary mishap transformed into a delightful surprise when the dish turned out to be exceptionally delectable.

Since that moment, this ‘happy accident’ evolved into a culinary tradition, with the Dopiaza cooking style gaining immense favor in the royal kitchen.

Over time, royal chefs refined the technique of incorporating onions twice in the recipe – once for caramelization to form the dish’s base and again in larger pieces to provide textural contrast.

The inclusion of aromatic spices such as turmeric, chilli, coriander, and cumin contributed to its robust flavour profile, creating a distinctive dish that exuded warmth, richness, and spiciness.

The Dopiaza cooking style subsequently spread to various regions of India and even beyond its borders, courtesy of the Mughal influence. Today, chicken dopiaza stands as a beloved dish in Indian cuisine, cherished by culinary enthusiasts worldwide.

So, when you prepare or relish chicken dopiaza, remember that you are partaking in a centuries-old culinary legacy. With each bite, you’re not just experiencing a delicious fusion of chicken, onions, and spices but also delving into a slice of India’s illustrious culinary heritage.

Embracing Adaptability: Crafting a Vegetarian or Vegan Variation of Chicken Dopiaza

As an avid cook, I acknowledge that individuals possess diverse dietary requirements and preferences. When sharing a recipe like chicken dopiaza, I can’t help but consider my vegetarian and vegan friends who desire to savor the distinctive flavours of this dish.

You might wonder, can chicken dopiaza be adapted into a vegetarian or vegan version? The answer is a resounding yes!

The fundamental flavor profile of chicken dopiaza primarily comprises aromatic spices and the remarkable dual usage of onions.

While chicken traditionally takes centre stage, the essence of the dish can be retained by introducing plant-based elements. In fact, this substitution can unveil an entirely new dimension of flavor, depending on the choice of replacement.

For a vegetarian rendition, paneer, also known as Indian cottage cheese, serves as my preferred substitute. It’s a protein-rich ingredient with a relatively neutral flavour profile. When paneer absorbs the flavourful spices, it produces a vegetarian dopiaza that is just as delectable as its chicken counterpart.

Vegans, on the other hand, can opt for tofu or even a medley of hearty vegetables like cauliflower, bell peppers, and mushrooms. These vegetables offer a variety of textures that stand out amidst the spicy, smooth sauce, delivering a distinct yet equally gratifying culinary experience.

So, while the original chicken do pyaza possesses its unique charm, don’t hesitate to reimagine it to align with your dietary preferences. As long as you uphold the essence of the dish – the robust flavours, the double dose of onions, and the warmth of the spices – you’ll create a version of dopiaza that’s equally satisfying.

How to Present and Delight in Chicken Dopiaza

Chicken dopiaza, featuring succulent chicken pieces and a delightful blend of onions, beckons to be relished. Its allure extends beyond its preparation; it’s also about the art of presentation and enjoyment.

Traditionally, chicken do pyaza finds its perfect pairing with warm Indian bread like naan or chapati. These soft, slightly chewy breads harmonise beautifully with the rich, robust curry, creating a genuinely comforting meal.

However, in my opinion, there’s an incredibly gratifying experience in serving chicken dopiaza atop a bed of steamed basmati rice. The rice eagerly absorbs the vivid curry flavours, elevating each mouthful.

No matter the accompaniment, chicken dopiaza is a dish intended for leisurely enjoyment. Whether it’s a tranquil weeknight dinner or a festive gathering, take the opportunity to relish each bite and savour the intricate dance of spices, the sweetness of caramelised onions, and the tender chicken morsels.

When I present chicken dopiaza, I’m not simply offering a meal; I’m sharing an encounter—a moment filled with warmth, comfort, and delight. It’s the affection I infuse into the dish, the anticipation of sharing it, and the gratification of witnessing others revel in it that truly embodies the joy of serving chicken dopiaza.

Check Out my Other Recipes

Venturing into the world of Indian cuisine unveils a rich tapestry of flavors and diversity. Much like our chicken dopiaza, there exist numerous other recipes that are bound to captivate your palate. Just as I found myself entranced by the intricate layers of taste within these dishes, I am confident you will experience the same enchantment.

To begin, consider the chicken tikka masala Similar to the dopiaza, this dish is a fusion of aromatic spices and succulent chicken. The depth of flavours in tikka masala is a lingering sensation, teasing your taste buds long after the final morsel is enjoyed.

Another enticing option is the chicken chana. Picture tender chicken pieces, simmered to perfection alongside hearty chickpeas in a richly spiced gravy. What sets this dish apart is the harmonious interplay of textures and flavours, reminiscent of our dopiaza but with its unique allure.

A definite must-try is the chicken vindaloo, a spicy enthusiast’s dream. Abundant use of chilies and vinegar imparts a fiery and tangy twist, offering a flavor profile that diverges while still sharing the same culinary heritage as our chicken dopiaza.

Have you ever considered combining okra with chicken? The chicken and okra curry achieves precisely that, uniting an intriguing fusion of textures. The tenderness of chicken melds seamlessly with the gentle crunch of okra, all enveloped in a spiced curry that is sure to leave you craving more.

Last but certainly not least, don’t overlook chicken yakhni. It’s a mild soup like chicken curry that is every bit as enticing as our chicken dopiaza. The soothing flavors, accentuated by fragrant spices, will enable you to truly savor the subtlety and opulence of Indian cuisine.

So, why not embark on a culinary adventure and give these dishes a try? Sample them, and remember to share your thoughts in the comments section. I eagerly await hearing about your culinary explorations and the new flavors that have captured your heart.

Chicken Do Pyaza

Chicken Do Pyaza

This chicken do pyaza recipe, sometimes called chicken dopiaza, is named as such due to the use of onions in two different ways. The onions are added to the masala to create a lucious and thick masala and some onion petals are added near the end to slightly soften before being served.
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Sadia Halimah Aziz
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 55 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 5 minutes
Servings: 6 servings
Calories: 303kcal


  • 50 ml Oil
  • 650 g Chicken
  • 3 Onions
  • 10 Garlic Cloves
  • 1- inch Ginger
  • 2 Tomatoes
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Chilli Powder
  • 1 tsp Turmeric Powder Haldi
  • 1 tsp Kashmiri Chilli Powder
  • 1 tsp Cumin Powder
  • 1 tsp Coriander Powder
  • 100 g Yoghurt
  • 150 ml Water
  • 2 Green Chillies
  • 1 tsp Dried Fenugreek Methi
  • Coriander
  • 1 Onions Petals
  • 2 Tomates Chunks


  • In a pan heat up the oil on medium heat until hot then add the onions and cook for 3-4 minutes until softened
  • Add the finely chopped garlic cloves and crushed ginger then cook for 2-3 minutes
  • Add the chopped tomatoes and cook for 5 minutes until softened
  • Add the salt, chilli powder, Kashmiri chilli powder, cumin powder and coriander powder then cook the spices for 6-8 minutes – you may need to add a splash of water to prevent the spices from burning
  • Add the chicken and cook for another 6-8 minutes
  • Add the water and mix before covering and cook for 15 minutes
  • Add the yoghurt and cook for 5 minutes
  • Add the onion petals, tomato chunks and green chillies then cover and cook for another 10 minutes
  • Add the coriander and dried fenugreek then cook for 1-2 minutes
  • Your chicken dopyaza is ready!



Calories: 303kcal

Chicken dopiaza originates from South East Asia and is a popular takeaway favourite. This is a simple chicken curry recipe that you can easily make at home without having to spend so much money and without all the calories. This homecooked version is amazingly spiced with flavourful chicken.

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